What our customers say

  • “For our organisation with many franchises throughout New Zealand, the support and advice provided by Intuition is invaluable. Information is available at our fingertips and in the unusual circumstances where we cannot find what we are looking for advice is given promptly with telephone and email support. The Intuition website allows the organisation as a whole to access information in its own branches with the Head Office having control over the entire company’s HR needs. It’s great to have all HR information stored in one place. The content of Intuition is relevant, interesting and updated regularly. We thoroughly recommend Intuition and welcome any queries.” Mike Pero Chief Executive

    Mike Pero Real Estate
  • “It is essential that line managers take personal responsibility and be accountable for the relationships within their teams. As CEO of a number of medium to large organisations, I have always kept the HR staff as a small advisory team and concentrated on developing my line managers to directly manage the employment relationships with their staff. To enable that, line managers need a resource base of information on HR and HSE matters. Intuition is an invaluable service that makes this very easy. I strongly recommend Intuition for all enterprises who want to delegate responsibility to their line managers, and do so with confidence.” Ian Frame Director

  • “We have used Intuition for a number of years now for storage of personnel records and as a first line facility for problem solving HR related questions. As a General Manager, I find it simple to use, easy to access, and a reliable system. This is a view shared by others, although line managers would probably add the ability to interrogate for quick answers to questions and process examples is almost as valuable as the file repository and reporting functions. I strongly recommend the system given the simplicity of operation and quality of services provided, especially given the investment.” Te Kapunga Dewes General Manager, New Zealand

    Contract Resources
  • “Our organisation has enjoyed using the Intuition product; the online functionality and consulting advice is second to none. We have seamlessly integrated Intuition into our operating model and it continues to deliver the HR outcomes initially sought. We value the product and highly recommend it to all organisations transitioning to a new, more hands on HR management framework.” Wayne Vargis Business Development Manager

    He Oranga Pounamu
  • “Canterbury Development Corporation was recommended by a senior HR manager to use Intuition and have been using it for some months now. The system is easy to navigate and very user friendly. The templates and documents have been a huge help to us as a small organisation as we don’t have the resources to create these from scratch. It is a great source of information and answers to all those HR questions.” Georgia Allen Office and HR Services Manager

    Canterbury Development Corporation
  • “We have been using Intuition for the last twelve months and it has become a very important element in our business processes. As a small non-for-profit organisation, we have neither an internal HR function nor the ability to pay for the services of an HR consultancy. Intuition has provided us with high quality advice that is both easily accessible and very affordable. It is very reliable and easy to use which has allowed us to make it available to a number of managers, thereby sharing the HR function throughout the organisation. Most importantly the consulting advice is excellent; easily understood and always up-to-date.” Graham Seatter Chief Executive

    Hillary Outdoors Education Centres
  • “I find Intuition an invaluable resource and guideline. l use it regularly as an up to date expert reference in collective bargaining as well as restructuring. It is a well structured and reliable source and I am pleased to endorse Intuition. It will remain an integral part of my reference framework.” Oloff Visser Managing Director

    Visser Consulting Group
  • “It’s easy to drop the ball in HR when you’re a small business which is growing rapidly. Recruiting, nurturing and retaining great talent is crucial to our ongoing success. Intuition allows us to hit above our weight in HR procedures and practices – helping us to keep our people satisfied and motivated. When you have a small team HR challenges only present themselves sporadically. Intuition has allowed us to leverage the knowledge and expertise of HR professionals who deal with HR challenges on a day-to-day basis.” Mike Hart Director

  • “I have been using Intuition for a couple of years now. The website is very user friendly and I have found it to be an excellent resource for HR templates and guidelines on how to handle staffing matters. The site is very informative and you can find all the latest information and news relating to HR and Health & Safety in one place. I would highly recommend the website service to any SME that primarily undertakes their own HR. It is invaluable.” Chris Davies General Manager

    Remuera Golf Club
  • “I have been using Intuition for over two years now. As an HR Practitioner, I find it a fantastic resource to access case law, best practice processes and procedures, templates and answers to the more complex legal questions. Often you think you know the answer but you want to test it quickly and affordably – Intuition provides that facility – and gives you the confidence to move forward. The templates are a great place to start from and take 90% of the work out of a whole range of tasks, and leaves me able to focus on the value added portion.” John Eatwell Director

    Strategic HR
  • “We recently went through a reorganisation at our sports club. During this difficult time we found the Intuition site very easy to use, especially the FAQ sections which helped tremendously. The online service, as well as our requested review of our proposed correspondence through Intuition’s consulting service, was personal and always relevant. The responses we received were effective, informative and punctual, which was greatly appreciated. We found the website 100% reliable and we would highly recommend it as an integral part of our HR work. It took off a lot of the pressure during such a challenging time.” Dennis Brown Chairman

    Forrest Hill Milford United AFC
  • “As the HR Manager of an organisation with approximately 450 employees and a very small HR team, having access to reliable information and easy to use templates is of great assistance. Intuition has a wealth of information on HR and HSE related matters, whether it is the latest legislation, topical issues or matters of process. The time saved having this information readily available means I am able to spend more time on other important HR and HSE activities.” Alison Klopper HR Manager

    St Georges Hospital