• Technical support

    We support you in system set up and integration requirements. This may include interfacing with another system such as payroll software and importing data or files.

  • Training support

    We can provide training in using our Intuition online system to your key people managers and HR and H&S staff. We recommend that HR staff train other managers to gain buy-in or alternatively we can provide this training for you.

  • HR and H&S system support

    As part of our ongoing service Intuition is always happy to provide complimentary written answers to HR and H&S advice questions where the question has not been addressed in the Intuition FAQ section. We regard this as product support and enhancement.

  • Additional HR and H&S support

    You have the option of forwarding any additional HR and H&S queries through to your organisation’s HR and H&S team or manager, or if you don’t have one, directly through to us at Intuition or to one of our business partners.